About Us

 The Thomas M Dolfi Funeral Home was started in 1977 in Stoneborro, Pennsylvania by Tom and Donna Dolfi. In 1982 With their two sons purchased the Victor Dicarlo Funeral Home in Uniontown and transformed this one of a kind Funeral home into their own.

 Tom and Donna maintained this beautiful home while making a name for themselves thru community services and volunteering.

In 2001 Tom passed away unexpeditly  and the funeral home  operated  by Donna with the help of two funeral directors Willam Menni and Anthony Massafra. Also learning the funeral business was Tom and Donna's son Eric.

Eric's wife Stacey Redshaw Dolfi also learned the funeral business and is the licensed funeral director of the Thomas M Dolfi Funeral Home. 

Eric and Stacey live in the funeral home with there two children Bella Sera and Eric Jr.  Together as a family they offer dignity and compassion for all  that are lost.

Tom always said "Its better to know us and not need us then to need us and not know us." 

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